HurryCane Walking Stick


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The walking stick, re-imagined.

For centuries, traditional walking sticks have been a simple solution for people with low mobility. But of course, nothing about human movement is simple. The Hurry Cane’s clever features are modelled on the human body’s own joints for unrivalled flexibility and strength.

Three-point base

The Cane’s three-point base replicates the foot’s own three points of contact with the ground. This provides excellent balance and stability and mimics the feel of natural movement. The SteadiGrip base also provides excellent traction on almost every terrain.

Automatic pivot function

Just like the human ankle, the Hurry Cane’s pivot function automatically swivels into an optimum position. This counteracts any possible imbalance caused by walking on gradients and uneven or unstable ground.

Freestanding support

The Hurry Cane’s stable three-point base means it can stand upright, so you won’t need to find a surface to prop it up against. This feature also makes it the ideal support for getting up from a seated position – for example out of an armchair or car seat.

Portable solution

The Hurry Cane is made from strong yet lightweight aluminium. It also quickly folds down to a third of its original size, and comes with a carry-case. Alternatively, it’s small enough to stow away into a larger handbag, for example, or the car glove box.


With eight different height positions, it’s easy to adjust the cane to suit you. Just push the button and find your ideal height in seconds.