Ottobock Juvo B4 Electric Wheelchair

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Ottobock’s Juvo B4 is a compact but super robust and durable electric wheelchair for reliable everyday use. A rear-wheel drive powerchair, the B4 offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use.

It is also compact and manoeuvrable indoors. Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and the electric wheelchair’s small outside dimension makes it easier to drive through narrow doorways and navigate in confined spaces.

Like all models in the Juvo product line, the B4 features a modular design and offers a high level of flexibility.

Why we recommend

  • The Juvo B4 is an entry-level rear wheel drive electric wheelchair that’s built for longer distances and offers a far greater durability and customisation options than ‘off the shelf’ models. It makes an ideal companion for the most demanding indoor and outdoor use that you can depend on day in, day out.

Product Information

    • The B4’s rear-wheel drive base is robust, durable and requires little maintenance. Driving through                    narrow doorways and navigating in confined spaces is made easier by a total width of just 59 cm.                 Smaller wheel sizes are available for indoor use.
    • Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and ensures enhanced safety and        comfortable damping. This can be further optimised with an additional front suspension.
    • Integrated anti-tipper rollers ensure enhanced safety and protect against damage when driving                      backward.
    • External power supply sockets are a new feature on the Juvo B4: 12 V, 24 V and a USB charging                        receptacle with two inputs. This means you can charge your mobile phone when you’re out and about.
    • Other standard equipment includes:
    • Manual back angle adjustment (up to 30°)
    • Lap belt for positioning
    • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
    • Puncture-proof tyres
    • Transportation kit

    Juvo B4 Powerchair - Features

    Choose your seating

    The Standard seating package comes in four sizes with an adaptable seat width and seat depth. It has a folding backrest tension adjustable back upholstery, flip-up armrests and choice of three leg support styles.

    The Vario Adjust Seat (VAS) is highly adjustable to precisely match your body measurements even if your needs change. The Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment largely eliminates shear forces. The seat frame holds a variety of mounting options including lateral supports.

    The Baxx Line ergonomic rigid backrests can be combined with VAS. Offering a high level of stability and sitting comfort, you can choose from two different heights and three contour levels for a perfect fit for you.

    Compatible with both the Standard and VAS seating systems, the Contour Package offers ergonomically design seating cushions developed with physiotherapists and OTs. Available in a range of sizes and contours, they offer excellent lateral stability and optimal positioning of the pelvis.

    Juvo B5 B6 Powerchair Seating


    • Powered seat tilt
    • Powered seat lifter
    • Choice of headrests
    • Flip-up armrests
    • Manual or powered elevating legrests
    • Individual or single plate footrests
    • Castor lock
    • Suspension
    • Gyroscope module
    • 63 Ah batteries
    • Splash guards
    • Kerb climber
    • Lighting system
    • Choice of controllers including attendant control
    • Positioning belts & harnesses
    • Dahl docking system
    • Mobile phone pouch
    • Luggage carrier
    • Crutch holder
    • Rear view mirror
    • Tool kit

    *Please ask us for a full prescription form

  • Width 585 – 595 mm
    Seat height 410 – 570 mm (depending on seating)
    Seat depth 340 – 580 mm
    Seat width 340 – 560 mm
    Maximum speed 6 / 7.2 / 10 km/h
    Batteries AGM 53 Ah (C5) / Gel 63 Ah (C5)
    Maximum range 35 km with AGM battery 53 Ah (C5) / 45 km with gel battery 63 Ah (C5)
    Turning radius 800 mm
    Maximum load 160 kg (25 st)
    Warranty 2 years
    Crash Tested Yes

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