Raizer M Buyback Scheme

How does the Raizer M Buyback Scheme work?

The Raizer M Buyback Scheme helps to make your Raizer M more affordable and ensure you can get a fair price for it once you no longer need it. This makes owning a Raizer M more financially viable, whilst also helping our planet by preventing waste once you no longer need your Raizer M.

1. You (the customer) purchase the Raizer M from Felgains as normal. On placing the order, you fill in the buyback scheme signup form and submit to Felgains. Felgains will keep this on record.

2. After a period of 2 years, or once you no longer need your Raizer M, contact Felgains and we will arrange free collection of your Raizer. You will need to put the Raizer back in its original packaging and print off the collection label we send you for the courier.

3. Once we have the Raizer M back in our workshop, we will check that it is still in working order and that there is not excessive wear or damage.

4. Once this check is done we will confirm the exact buyback amount and make the payment.

How much will I get for my Raizer M after 2 years?


  Raizer M with Headrest & Carry Bag Kit
Original Sale Price £1955.00
Buyback Price £600.00

* Prices are ex. VAT. Where VAT is paid on the original sale, VAT will be added to the buyback price.

Terms & Conditions of the Raizer M Buyback Scheme

  • To be eligible for the scheme, the customer must fill and sign the buyback scheme signup form upon placing their order. If the form is not submitted this may mean you are ineligible for the buyback scheme.
  • Whether or not the Raizer M is bought back from the customer is entirely at Felgains discretion. Felgains is not obligated to buy back any Raizer M, even if the customer has signed up for the scheme.
  • The buyback scheme is intended to run for 24 months. Felgains reserves the right to reduce the buyback amount if the Raizer M has been in use for over 24 months. Felgains is under no obligation to increase the buyback amount if the Raizer M has been in use for less than 24 months. This is entirely at Felgains discretion.
  • Felgains anticipates that the Raizer M will inevitably receive some wear and tear whilst in use. This should not affect the buyback cost. The buyback cost should only be affected if parts are broken or exhibit signs of excessive wear due to misuse or poor storage. However, the assessment of the item condition is entirely at the discretion of Felgains.
  • Where the Raizer M exhibits signs of excessive wear and tear or damage, Felgains will revise the buyback price and agree with the customer. If the customer is unhappy with Felgains’ price or assessment, we can ship the Raizer M back to the customer at a cost of £16.80.
  • Before the Raizer M is collected from the customer by the courier, it must be clean and in the original packaging. The customer must also have a means of printing off the collection label that Felgains will send and affixing it to the box.
  • Felgains will not pay the customer all or any part of the buyback amount until the item has been collected, returned back to our workshop and assessed by one of our Raizer engineers.
  • Felgains reserve the right to change or remove this buyback scheme at any time. If this happens, where possible we will alert the affected customers, but we are under no obligation to do so.

This scheme also falls under the Felgains overall Terms & Conditions and Terms & Conditions of Sale.