August 1, 2023 | Terry Smith

How does HelpFall help with falls prevention?

Falls prevention probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when considering the benefits that HelpFall could bring to the care homes in your region, but in this article, we will explore how HelpFall’s reporting function, in particular, can help guide and improve the falls prevention efforts in your region. 

Firstly, what is HelpFall reporting?

Every time HelpFall is used to assess a fallen person, an incident report is generated and sent to the care home, enabling care homes to really easily and consistently report falls that occur in their homes, and giving care staff confidence that their decision-making process is documented. 

As well as these individual reports that are generated every time HelpFall is used, we are also able to support ICBs with reporting, either in the form of a quarterly report or via a dashboard. The purpose of these reports is to give ICBs an analysis of where and how HelpFall is being used, and share key insights such as the most common causes of falls, and where falls most commonly occur. ICBs can then share these reports with the appropriate partners in their system. 

Below is an example of what a HelpFall Quarterly Report for an ICB looks like:

How does HelpFall reporting help with falls prevention?

By recording details such as the locations of the falls, the time of day that falls are occurring, and the most common causes of falls, Falls Prevention Teams, Care Homes, ICBs and other relevant partners can analyse this data to determine the most appropriate interventions to put in place to help reduce the number of falls that are occurring. 

For example, if the HelpFall reports are suggesting that falls are most commonly occurring at a particular care home in the same room, the falls prevention team can specifically carry out an assessment and intervention at the exact problem area. 

Let’s take another example. If the most common cause of falls is a loss of balance, the falls prevention team may consider interventions such as introducing strength and balance sessions in the care homes or increasing the number of grab rails within the care homes. 


Can HelpFall link into other services such as falls prevention teams?

HelpFall can be customised to suggest the most appropriate next steps the care home should contact depending on the outcome of the fall and whether it has been classed as a major, minor, or no-injury fall. 

Depending on the pathways that are set up in your area, this could look like suggesting the care home refer the patient to a Multi-Disciplinary Team, your local fall prevention service, or other relevant partners within the system. 



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