The Arise Bed


Key benefits of the Arise Profiling Bed:

  • The Arise enables users with decreased mobility to get themselves in and out of bed, unassisted.
  • The profiling action allows users to sit up in bed or raise their legs for a more comfortable sleep.
  • It’s simple to operate, with two handles at arm’s length. The user can push both switches to initiate movement, or a carer can operate the bed with a remote control.

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From sleeping to sitting to standing, at the touch of a button. The Arise Bed empowers users to stay independent, and eliminate heavy lifting and posture-related back problems for carers. It can be operated by either the user or a carer, via two easily-operated side-handles, or a remote control.

Lowering you into a sleeping position
Take a seat on the end of the bed and gently push the switches on the side handles. The motors underneath the mattress will gently slide you up the bed, until you’re in a comfortable position to lie flat, with your head on the pillow. Both the mattress and pillow are fixed in position, so they’ll never slip around when the bed’s moving.

Raising you out of bed, to your feet
Push the switches on both handles. The mattress will gently raise you into a sitting position, before sliding you down the bed. It then tucks neatly under the frame, allowing your feet to plant flatly on the floor. You’ll then be in a steady, standing position.

Alternatively, once you’re at the end of the bed, it’s easy to transfer to a wheelchair positioned just to the side of you. This makes the Arise bed far easier to use for transfers than its side-exit counterparts.

When you’re awake, the mattress can lift you into a seated position, for reading, chatting, or watching television in bed. Or, for when you need a good night’s sleep, the knee brake can be raised, lifting your legs for an optimum sleeping position.

A good night’s sleep
The mattress is topped with 4cm of memory foam, which moulds to the contours of the user for maximum comfort.

Suitable for most shapes and sizes
The Arise has a weight capacity of up to 250kg, making it suitable for most people.

Easy to work with
The bed is supported by an underneath hydraulic scissor-lift mechanism, which can raise the height of the bed to up to 90cm. This allows for easy cleaning or inspection. The bed is made of easy-to-clean aluminium, and the mattress cover is antibacterial and wipe-clean. It’s also autoclavable, making it suitable for use as a hospital bed or care home bed.

Large wheels also make the bed easy to move, by tilting it upright and rolling it. There’s also free space underneath the bed, allowing carers to get as close to the user as possible if assistance is needed – avoiding leaning positions that can cause back strain.

Care Environments

The Arise combines the features of a technologically-advanced, adjustable medical bed, with a discreet aesthetic. As such, it’s suitable as a home care bed for elderly individuals, or anyone struggling with reduced mobility, as well a patient bed in hospitals or care homes.

Technical information

Dimensions (without bed rails)
Length: 2,100 mm
Width: 1,020 mm
Height: 510 mm

Sleeping module: 112 kg Frame: 68 kg
Headboard: 7.4 kg
Bed rail: 12.6 kg a piece
Mattress: 8.7 kg

The bed has been tested to withstand being used 10,000 times, corresponding to approximately 10 years’ use. This makes it ideal for long term care at home, or for professional care environments who may utilise the bed for multiple users over an extended period of time.

The Arise Basic

We also offer a simplified version of the Arise. The Basic version offers the same mechanised sliding motion which helps users to get in and out of bed unaided, but is not height-adjustable. The Basic version also doesn’t feature armrests.

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