March 16, 2023 | Reuben Bush

Webinar Recording | How HelpFall is transforming post falls management in care homes: SNEE ICB story

A lack of confidence and the right equipment when responding to falls is a prime reason for increased ambulance callouts to care homes. Many ICBs are looking at how they can solve this problem by implementing post falls decision support and equipment.

Watch this webinar recording from 15th March 2023 as the key players at SNEE ICB take us through the story of their successful implementation of the Raizer 2 chair and HelpFall post falls decision support tool.

This webinar will give you a clear picture of how an ICB is successfully changing culture to upskill workforce in falls response, and the results they have seen.

  • The challenge with non and minor injury falls in care homes
  • The solution: Raizer and HelpFall
  • The impact and results
  • Live Q&A session






And here is the HelpFall Demo Webinar Recording mentioned

Webinar Recording | Demonstrating HelpFall: the new standard in post falls decision making


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